Artists and performances

Here below will be the list of artists and performances, but before that we will say that the music at the Osho Israel Festival is an integral part that adds a lot of color and emotion and enhances the festival experience, over the years many dozens of leading artists have come to perform at the festival which is known for its high-quality and well-invested musical line-up.

In addition to the workshop halls, every two hours throughout the festival, a performance or party, starting with exciting acoustic performances in the afternoon in the air-conditioned auditorium, to groove punk and parties in the water village in the afternoon and at sunset, to sweeping performances of rhythm and dance on the main stage at night and parties under the sky on the main lawn until The small hours, a rich, rhythmic and multifaceted musical celebration.

Throughout the festival, every two hours a performance, party or other major event, alongside the workshops and the complexes, a musical celebration, exciting and multifaceted that accompanies all three days.

Main eventstime-table

  • Thursday 20:00 – Central evening gathering – Main Stage
  • Thursday 22:00 – performance – main stage
  • Thursday 23:30 – DJ – party on the main lawn into the night


  • Friday 12:00 – concert – auditorium
  • Friday 14:00 – performance – acoustic performance – auditorium
  • Friday 16:00 – concert in the auditorium –
  • Friday 17:30 – DJ sunset party in the water village
  • Friday 20:00 – the main evening gathering – main lawn
  • Friday 22:00 – performance – on the main stage
  • Friday 23:30 – DJ – party on the main lawn into the night


  • Saturday 11:00 – performance – in the auditorium
  • Saturday 13:00 – performance – in the auditorium
  • Saturday 15:00 – DJ – wild party in the water village
  • Saturday 17:00 – concert – festival closing show – main stage


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