Complexes and Workshops

The Osho Israel Festival has within it also the Osho Israel Conference. We have create an annual meeting place for all those who live and teach under his inspiration, in Israel. Many of the instructors have passed through Osho’s international center in Pune, India, or through his other centers. There they spend many years undergoing training. When they returned to Israel they began teaching consistently and sharing everything they had gathered with them over the years.

The festival serves as a home for all this. It provides a stage and a meeting platform with the audience and talented moderators for three days. The halls become a space with countless workshops in different fields. Every two hours from the beginning of the festival to the end; the workshops change simultaneously, and the festival goers choose their own personal program. You can go to all the workshops, or go relax in the pool for a while or dance in a party or performance. You choose, what is best for you!

The festival has 11 complexes each with the following theme:

Therapy Hall
Will have workshops with different methods and approaches to therapy from the world of Osho.

Meditation Hall
Osho’s active and passive meditations.

Relationship Hall
About relationships, conscious sexuality, love, men, women.

Breathing and Emotion Hall
Breathing therapy, rebirthing, awakening.

Dance and Movement Hall
Movement is the language, dance is the way, the direction is inward.

Body, Touch, and Treatment Hall
A selection of workshops dealing with body awareness, treatment, massage.

Awareness and Nutrition Hall
What are we doing? What do we eat? Awareness in daily life.

Self- Development Hall
Self- growth, self-barriers and restraints, beliefs, and self- fulfillment.

Silence Hall
Let’s go inside, rest, practice presence and enjoy the silence.

Kids Place
A selection of activities for the little ones throughout the festival.

Treatment Complex
More than 20 different therapists invite you to come, relax and pamper yourself.


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