Facilitators and Workshops at the festival

The festival is also actually an Osho Israel conference.

More than 40 facilitators take part in the festival, most of them have been with us for years, they will guide more than 100 different experiential workshops, in 10 different complexes on the topics of:

  • Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Relations
  • Breathing
  • Body, Healing and Treatments
  • Dance and Movement
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Development
  • Awareness
  • Children
  • Quiet complex

The complexes operate from the beginning of the festival to the end, with a workshop changing every two hours. Starting from Thursday at 16:00 until Saturday at 17:00.
On Thursday and Friday the complexes take a break for the evening, at 20:00 we are in the main evening gathering, at 22:00 a main show on the main stage and at midnight night workshops in some of the complexes.

Only once a year do all the Osho-inspired facilitators in the country gather in one place for 3 days, and share what they have learned and experienced over the years.

All the moderators at the festival spent years and years around Osho’s study, or underwent training at one of his international centers, or with one of the veteran therapists who worked at his international center.

They also operate throughout the whole year, offering various courses, in-depth processes and workshops.

The festival is designed, among other things, to give them and Osho’s work a place and stage, to enable and make it accessible to more and more people during it. It is of course designed to invite you to experiment and experience, research and check what is right and works for you. What tools do you receive and receive, how can it support you, in life.

A transformative process festival, which invites you to a journey inward, to a meeting with yourself.

The Osho Israel Festival is actually a complete temporary school that came to life for 3 days with many hundreds of participants. A rare opportunity that takes place once a year.

You are Invited!

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