The 16th Israel-Osho Festival

War and Peace

11-13 July 2024
Givat Haviva Campus

The 16th Israel-Osho Festival

War and Peace
11-13 July 2024
Givat Haviva Campus

After a difficult year, with longing anticipation and great excitement, here it comes again, this time of the year when we gather, the Osho Israel Festival returns for the 16th time.
This year's theme: war and peace.

The festival, which over the years has touched and influenced the lives of many and has grown to become the largest Osho festival in the world! For three days a village is created; a village embodying within itself a vision of a wholesome life this Utopia that we have created.

We invite you for three days on a colorful village different from anything you have experienced; a village that combines a transformative and powerful awareness conference alongside a festival for one big celebration.

The Conference within the Festival is Osho’s annual conference in Israel. Osho is considered by many to be the greatest spiritual teacher of the 20th century and the modern era and one of the most influential throughout human history. The conference brings together all the facilitators who work in the spirit of Osho in Israel in one place for 3 days, and enables close to 100 fascinating workshops open to the public. The talented facilitators will expand on various topics in 10 air-conditioned halls with as many as a hundred of participants. The spaces provided will be divided according to the themes: therapy, meditation, relationships, breathing, movement, body, nutrition, care, development, awareness and children.

Alongside the Conference the Festival is Happening

A fine and multifaceted musical celebration with live performances by the best artists on 3 stages in the village. Starting the day with exciting acoustic performances through to the afternoon in the air-conditioned auditorium, to parties full of groove and funk in the water village afternoons through to sunset, to sweeping and rhythmic performances on the main stage on the grass under the sky all night long.
The perfect balance between inside and outside, between music and silence, between celebration and peace, between time alone and time with friends, you choose the right rhythm and doses.
You are invited to an adventure outside your usual routine, a journey to yourself and back, to a one-of-a-kind gathering a celebration of life, in all its colors.

See you there!

Conference Workshops

Osho’s annual conference in Israel, 10 air-conditioned workshop halls with 40 of the best Osho instructors in Israel who will lead more than 100 experiential workshops, the central evening gathering and more

Music and Performances


Throughout the festival from start to finish, every two hours there will be a new show or party; that includes exciting acoustic performances during the day, groove and funk pool parties at sunset, immersive performances on the main stage and open-air parties into the night



Here is the full schedule of the festival, this is the skeleton on which the festival sits, these are its components, its contents, the classes, the lectures, the performances, the soul and the face of the three days we are going to spend together.

Tickets and accommodation

The sale of discounted tickets and rooms for the festival is underway. You can buy a ticket and spend the night at the shady campsite in the grove, or book a place in an air-conditioned rooms, with bed linen, and a private shower.

The festival takes place in Givat Haviva, a beautiful green campus with an active water village, endless grass and space. There is also vegetarian food, natural bars, an artists’ market, live music and lots of friends on the grass who come together for three days.

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