Personal Space

Dear friends and colleagues,

The Osho Festival is an awareness festival, and as such it is important for us to bring awareness to the whole issue of personal space, boundaries, needs and communication of all those coming and going to the festival.

Ensuring a safe environment is key. We urge everyone to be mindful of their actions and respectful of others.

Always seek consent and be aware of each other’s limits.

We want to create a harmonious, safe and protected space for all participants.

That’s why we ask all of you to be attentive and sensitive to yourselves and those around you
Note that you do not cross someone else’s boundaries, and just as importantly, not even your own.

Ask, check, call, nothing is taken for granted. Certainly not today.

Every contact takes place with the will and full and conscious consent of both parties.

Beyond that, it is important for us to emphasize that there is no obligation to participate in any exercise or workshop.

Participation in activities is optional. If something feels uncomfortable, it’s okay to step back.

Keep the boundaries of yourself and others, we are mature people and that means we ask that each participant takes full responsibility for himself and herself.

Listen to yourself, respect yourself, and others.

And yes, if it wasn’t clear, we especially ask men to be sensitive to women, and in general we want to ask gentleness, sensitivity and mutual respect from everyone, to all of them, to everyone.

Let’s create a pleasant, harmonious, safe, respectful, attentive, aware space together.

At the festival itself, there will be a Sexual Misconduct Prevention Specialist available 24/7 for any problem and support. Her phone number will be published in the festival newspaper.

In addition, it is important for us to create a professional and healthy distance between the facilitators of the workshops at the festival and the participants, all the facilitators at the festival sign a code of ethics and clear and professional guidelines in order to clarify the whole issue of boundaries and keep them safe and respectful, without exploiting bitterness and power.

We will add, write and update more on the subject.

    העגלה שלך ריקהחזרה לכרטיסים וחדרים