Three Main Elements

The upcoming Osho Festival consists of three main elements that make up one big whole. We find it important to go over them and explain through then a couple of aspects:

  1. Experiential and Experimental Content – Conferences within the Festival.
  2. Live music and parties.
  3. A human meeting that happens in between these aspects that consist of unlimited beautiful unexpected moments.

The Conference Within the Festival

The festival content as a central aspect of the event. This is experienced through the conference of workshops. In the conference you will have the opportunity to listen to all kinds of lectures, but mainly you will experience different exercises and techniques that affect your life through experiencing. In the upcoming Osho festival there are ten air-conditioned halls with workshops on various topics: therapy, meditation, relationships, dance and movement, etc. The content is created in this world and in other places. The idea is that you participate and experience it directly and personally, not listening from the outside. In many ways, during this festival you go through internal processes that touch different levels and awaken you, and fellow participants and friends. Going through these processes you will meet new people going through these new meaningful experiences.

Live Music and Parties

This aspect of the festival constitutes “funner” part. The Beauty is, you can mix it up. The upcoming Osho Festival has a pretty impressive lineup of performances, we have 3 stages during the day, with only one show at a time. The Auditorium Stage will be active in the afternoon with acoustic performances. On the Pool Stage there will be danceable performances of groove and punk towards sunset. At night we move to the Main Stage to experience sweeping rhythms and dance parties going into the night. There is no direct connection between these performances to Osho. However, they do meet the values of celebration and creativity that were important to him, and it is important for us to incorporate them as a significant part of the festival. From bouncy performances that get everyone dancing to quiet and acoustic music that comes from the heart and touches deep places within us.

The Gathering Itself

Between the performances and the workshops and everything that is scheduled, sometimes the most significant things happen “in between”, this is what is called the happening, where people gather in a place different than usual for three days. Whether you meet old or new friends, eat something, talk, get to know each other, meet, laugh, sleep in a campsite or in a room, jump in the pool for some swimming with friends or just explore for your pleasure. When you are open to anything that can happen it is an adventure.

The Ultimate Experience

These three things make up the ultimate experience. An experience that on the one hand combines experiential and experiential content; that deals with the most essential aspects of our life, one that deals with meaning, feelings, who you are and what you are. An experience with performances, music, dancing and meetings and friends and good people with everything that happens “in between”.

A complete experience; a mosaic of moments spread over three days. You are free to do whatever you want at any given moment. Whether it’s a workshop that interests you, or not entering any workshops and going to concert after concert, or just sitting on the grass with good people, you choose it spontaneously, in doses that suit you, you create for yourself your festival, your experience.

What is certain is that it will be exciting, renewed, surprising, full of new experiences, that’s what this festival is for us and that’s is why we create it. The festival creates a different reality just for a couple of few days, it gathers people together to mix and engage in fascinating content. It takes us out of this crazy race that we call life for a moment and reminds us of many beautiful things in life that we sometimes forget about….

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