Treatment Complex

The treatment complex of the Osho Festival is the perfect place to come for a moment, stop everything, rest, relax, let go and allow yourself to indulge in a treatment that is all for you.
As part of the festival experiences, we are happy to offer you, as every year, our pampering complex of body and mind treatments.
The complex, which is located in an air-conditioned building just to the left of the food area, contains 15 stations divided into 6 rooms with about 30 highly experienced therapists, will be open during all the days of the festival until midnight.

So we actually built a spa for 3 days, which allows you to take a moment, whether it’s at the very beginning of the festival to relax and prepare your body for our journey into the festival, or in between to get a pampering hour of relaxation into the touch.

“Make friends with your body! Understand his wisdom, discover the mystery in him, nurture him, love him – after all, he is the one who carried you this far and will continue to carry you tomorrow.”

-Osho, mind-body balance –

Some of the types of treatments offered in the complex: oil massage, Thai, Swedish, Osho rebalancing, deep tissue, Tibetan bowls, healing, Reiki, Shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, medical massage, Tuina and more.


25 minutes for 80 Nis
50 minutes for 160 Nis
75 minutes for 200 Nis

On Thursday, a special price for pre-orders:

25 minutes for 70 Nis
50 minutes for 140 Nis
75 minutes for 180 Nis

Let’s give the body and soul respite and healing

    העגלה שלך ריקהחזרה לכרטיסים וחדרים