Website and Festival regulations


  • Tickets can be canceled up to 14 days from the moment of purchase, provided that no less than a week before the start of the event, during which tickets cannot be canceled. Cancellation fee 5%.
  • A week before the festival, tickets cannot be canceled.
  • You can transfer a ticket to purchase.A. Others, together with T.G of the original purchaser and the invoice sent to him, together with the digital code.
  • Ticket transfer is carried out under the responsibility of the ticket buyers only, production should not be considered a party to the ticket transfer.
  • Participation in the festival is the responsibility of the participants only.
  • Please obey the instructions of the production ushers and a promise in the field.
  • Do not light a fire
  • No weapons and drugs are allowed on the festival grounds.
  • A ticket at the festival provides participation in all activities based on available space, you must come to the activity in order to take up space about 5-10 minutes before it starts.
  • The festival production is not responsible for property or valuables that are stolen, lost, etc.
  • It is mandatory to inform the supervisor of any activity if there are any medical or physical limitations, or a background of mental problems.

Privacy Policy

  1. General
    1. What is stated in these regulations refers equally to members of both sexes, and the use of the masculine language is for convenience only.
    2. The provisions of these regulations and the terms of use appearing on the website define the legal relationship between the orderer and the website, the terms of use of the website and/or the order of the products from the website and indicate the orderer’s agreement to these terms and other conditions appearing on the website.
    3. The company may at any time, at its sole discretion, update these regulations.
    4. These terms apply to the use of the website and the services included in it through any computer or other communication device (such as a cell phone, tablets of all kinds, etc.’) and they also apply to the use of the website, either through the Internet or through any other network or means of communication.
    5. What is stated in these regulations does not derogate from the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, Hashem”a-1981 (hereinafter: “the Consumer Protection Law”) and the regulations that were established under it, to the extent that they apply to the website (hereinafter: “the instructions”), except in cases where such instructions can be conditioned and such conditioning was carried out within the website whether explicitly or implicitly.
    6. The company and the website management do their best to present the most complete and comprehensive information regarding the product, including photos, although stated in this section it will be clarified that they may appear on the website in good faith and without malicious intent and/or out of a desire to mislead, inaccuracies and/or errors and/or omissions and the company, the website management and the website will not bear any responsibility arising from the inaccuracies and/or errors.
    7. The titles of the chapters are presented for the convenience and orientation of the client and will not be used in the interpretation of the regulations.
    8. A clerical error in product/s description will not bind the company.
    9. Do not copy and use, or allow others to use, in any other way content from the website, including other websites, electronic publications, print publications, etc.”b, for any other purpose.
    10. The date recorded, for each and every matter, on the website management computers is the determining date for everything.
  2. Register on the site
    1. In order to place an order for products, the customer must register on the website using an online registration form.
    2. Any person, including a company, may use the website, including making purchases through the website, among other things, subject to being qualified to perform binding legal actions, a valid credit card holder, issued by one of the credit card companies (above and below: ” the orderer“).
    3. When registering on the website, the orderer must enter a username and password as well as his e-mail address. If the orderer forgets the password, the existing password as entered at the time of initial registration on the website will be sent to him to the email address entered on the website.
    4. The details of the orderer will be updated according to the data that will be filled out by the orderer in the online registration form found on the website.
    5. The website management may from time to time require additional identification details.
    6. Without detracting from the above, the company will be entitled to prevent anyone from using the website, temporarily or permanently at its sole discretion and without giving prior notice, including in any of the following cases:
      1. Committing an illegal act and/or violating the provisions of the law;
      2. Breach of a condition from the terms of these regulations;
      3. Deliberately providing incorrect details;
      4. Performing an action that may harm the normal operation of the site and/or any of the suppliers and/or any C’ party;
      5. The credit card in the possession of the orderer was blocked or limited to use in some way.
  3. Confidentiality and privacy
    1. All personal details of the orderer (name, e-mail, etc.), will be stored in our databases.
    2. We will not transfer the client’s personal details to any other party and will not make any use of the details of the client’s payment method except to make a payment for a transaction that the client requested to be conducted, and these details will not be transferred to any other party except for this purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, the details of the payment method are not stored in our databases.
    3. Despite the above, we will be entitled to transfer a user’s personal information to a third party in cases where the orderer has committed an act or omission that harms and/or may harm the Osho Festival to Israel and/or any third parties, the orderer has committed an illegal act.
    4. The Osho Festival in Israel will be entitled to use – “cookies” (“cookies”) in order to provide the user with a fast and efficient service and save the customer from having to enter his personal details every time he enters the website.
    5. In the existence of cases beyond our control and/or arising from force majeure, we remove responsibility for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the orderer and/or to anyone on behalf of the orderer with this information will be lost or if it is used unauthorized.
  4. Law and judgment
    1. The law applicable to these regulations and/or to any action and/or to a dispute arising from it, is Israeli law only.
    2. In any case of dispute, the courts (peace or district) Tel Aviv-Jaffa will have the exclusive authority to discuss it.
    3. The law applicable to the use of the website, the order and these regulations, including the interpretation and enforcement of the regulations is Israeli law only.
    העגלה שלך ריקהחזרה לכרטיסים וחדרים